Why Won't My Washing Machine Spin?

There can be a number of reasons for this and I will try and provide an overview.

Firstly, there is a difference between a machine that won't spin and a machine that won't drain. I hear "my machine won't spin!" when some customers associate water being left in the drum as not spinning. 

Does your drum revolve? If it does then generally the machine will have some sort of drainage issue and I will come to that shortly.

If the drum does not revolve at all then there can be a few reasons for this and I will list them here.

  1. Faulty motor brushes or motor itself. Brushes do wear down and can be replaced

  2. Broken belt. Basically belts don't stretch but they can come off if the load is unbalanced! They can also break, but generally something else has caused it, a seized drum for instance.

  3. Jammed drum, either jammed by an object or a seized bearing assembly. (Does the drum move freely?)

  4. Broken Wiring

  5. Printed circuit board faulty (the electronic control system)

  6. An unbalanced load. Modern machines won’t spin if the load is for example a heavy rug or two large towels. Try padding the load out.

My washing machine won't drain

Why Won't My Washing Machine Drain?

Here are some of the most common causes.

  1. The impellor (basically a little propellor that drives the water from the machine is jammed or not being driven) Get advice on checking your filter if the machine has one from your manual. Bra wires, coins, hair bobbles, golf tees etc....if left in pockets or not protected can block your impellor quite easily.

  2. Faulty drain pump.

  3. The printed circuit board is not telling the drain pump to turn. (basically the electronic control system).

  4. Broken wire.

  5. Blocked plumbing outlet, remove the machines drain hose and place it into a bucket and select the machines drain function. If it drains then you have an issue with the plumbing the machine is connected to.

.Top tips: check your pockets, put bras, small kids underwear and socks in a pillow case to wash and check your filter regularly.

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Tumble Dryer Top Tips

Tumble Dryer

My Tumble Dryer Doesn't Work

  1. Clean the condenser every month and wash it through, using a shower or hose pipe.

  2. Clean the filter every time you use it.

  3. Do not use your dryer on an extension lead. The extension lead can cause it to trip, they are dangerous and generally not up to the job.



We can assist you over the phone if you need help, just provide the make and model when you call.




A Miele washing not draining machine. We stripped the machine to find a blockage stopping the machine from draining. The bill for this job was £49.

A Miele washing not draining machine. We stripped the machine to find a blockage stopping the machine from draining. The bill for this job was £49.

My Washing Machine Smells


Mouldy Washing Machine Rubber

Mouldy Washing Machine Rubber

Washing machines with this build up of bacteria are bad for your health.

If you have sufferers of Eczema or Asthma in your house hold then it makes sense to get your rubber cleansed!

Watch the video on our home page produced by  the consumer group Which for information or continue reading to learn how to remove the mould!


If your washing machine door rubber (gasket) has gone mouldy, then follow this step by step procedure to remove the build up of bacteria that may be harbouring a very unpleasant smell. You will need:

  1. Astonish Mould and Mildew remover spray

  2. Baby wipes



 There is no catch and no cost, just click below for the pictures of how to remove it

Hopefully you will be pleased and come back to us again!

It’s that simple.

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