Why are washing machines not lasting?


It is very notable that appliances over a decade ago have a superior build quality when compared to today's machines. I would like to say that the better brands buck this trend, but in truth in my opinion, this is not the case. I regularly inspect machines which are at least a third more expensive which end up as beyond economical repair. 

Summing up, a machine that you bought in the 80s and 90s which is only now being replaced was a financial disaster in todays sell sell sell world of business.

What does make money, is a unit that is replaced every five years.

We as engineers fight this every day, making sure that when we go out to a customer, we :

1. Assess the machine, to see if it is going to give you the customer a good return in terms of life. (It may be a an easy fix now but are you going to be spending more money in a few months?)

2. Is it an economical repair? Will it be value for money, compared to a replacement?

3. Can we advise you on maintenance on not only the machine we are looking at, but also your other appliances. We will gladly answer queries whilst there.

4. If we cant repair it, we will give you what we consider to be the best advice available on what to buy next, how to site it, install it and even dispose of your current item. We are aware that not all our solutions fit every customer, so we include advice on what other companies offer, to put the customer first. Yes they do exist!

Thanks for reading. M.Williams Director.