Oven & Hob Maintenance

BESIDES cleaning, ovens generally require little maintenance.

! Always carry out maintenance when the oven is cold !

Slamming the door can damage the hinges or glass so be sure to close it carefully. Glass is usually expensive to replace.

Most ovens have a bulb which may need replacing occasionally, consult the user manual on how to remove the cover. Replacing the bulb is usually a simple task but if in doubt, consult an appliance engineer. 

The oven door seal can deteriorate over time. This will result in heat loss and affect cooking results. Check it now and again. Replacing it is usually just a matter of unhooking the old one and applying a new one. 

Hob maintenance
Besides cleaning, electric ceramic and induction hobs do not require any routine maintenance.

With gas hobs, try to keep the gas injectors free from debris. A blockage can prevent the ring igniting.

Some control knobs can be removed and cleaned of grease etc. Consult the manual to see if this can be done on your appliance.