Dishwasher Maintenance 


Simple maintenance steps will help to ensure you get great wash results and keep the appliance hygienic.

  • Remove food from plates. There is a filter at the bottom which will need to be cleaned in between cycles.

  • Tablet not dissolving? Check the manual for information on using a suitable detergent for the specific wash programme you wish to use. Some programmes are not suited to multi-tab detergents resulting in an undissolved tablet and poor wash results.

  • Check the spray arms rotate freely and the that the holes in them are not blocked.

  • Ensure you have adequate dishwasher salt in the tank. Dishwasher salt is added to the water in hard water areas to soften the water. It is also used in soft water areas to aid rinsing.

  • Are the items covered in streaks at the end of the cycle? Make sure there is adequate rinse aid in the appliance.

  • Water softener levels vary by region and may need to be adjusted dependent on the hardness of your water supply. Consult the manual for instructions on how to set the right water softener levels for your area.